Badass Launch Tactics

Badass Launch Tactics

How To Launch (or Relaunch) A Wildly Successful High-Impact Coaching Program

You’re eager to share your gifts with the world but you’re not sure where to start…

What’s more… you need to make this work in the shortest time possible.

Get close and personal with eighteen of the most influential health coaching business experts joining together to help you tackle the key issues that derail a coaching program.

Through a series of thirty-three presentations and interviews, covering the five key areas of a coaching business, you’ll learn how to step over the threshold to coaching business success and never look back.

Discover Top Strategies and Tactics from Eighteen Leading Coaching Business Experts for LAUNCHING (or Relaunching) your Coaching Program or Business

Join us in the Complete Proceedings of the 2021 VIRTUAL SYMPOSIUM and EXPO for Health and Wellness Coaches and Practitioners and get the inside scoop on how to 10X your Impact, Profit, and Growth.

  • Eighteen speaker sessions and fifteen virtual expo booths jampacked with cutting edge tactics to help you launch your own wildly successful high-impact coaching program.
  • Peer-reviewed world-class coaching business experts from across the globe.
  • Eighteen game-changing speaker freebies - checklists, ebooks, crash courses, guides, templates, scripts.
  • PLUS 15 speaker bonuses valued @ $4 000+
  • Lifetime access.
  • 14-day Moneyback Guarantee


BADASS LAUNCH TACTICS is a virtual event during which specialist world-class business coaches and marketing experts shared their expertise and knowledge.

If you are thinking of starting your own coaching business or launching or relaunching a signature or group coaching program you do not want to miss this.

The speakers lined up to participate at BADASS LAUNCH TACTICS include some of the top names in the health coaching space.

Propel your business forward with clear insight and answers to the exact questions you’ve been struggling with.

No fluff - just proven strategies and tactics that work from business coaches who’ve been in your shoes.



pia silvaWe have handpicked our all-star speakers because they’ve been where you are and can arm you with the tactics and tools you need to break through the places you are stuck. Their advice is based on what works, not theory, so you can implement what you learn and start getting results immediately.

Keynote: The Formula Of Badassery - Pia Silva (Author, Speaker, Badass)

Learn how to attract ideal clients and command premium prices using the four angles of Badassery. Get just two of these angles right and you'll become noticeable, memorable, and sharable.


No sales hype during the sessions. Just no-fluff actionable information and tactics you can use to launch your business and get your first clients. We have separate EXPO sessions where you can ‘shop’ to your heart’s delight.

It’s not every day that this group of coaching business experts stop what they are doing to show you the way! They’ve been in your shoes and they spend their days working with coaches just like you, and they want to give back to the next group of thriving health and wellness coaches. That’s you!


These hand-picked health coaching mavens have been there themselves. Now, they’re in your court to help you avoid weeks and months of frustration learning what they wished they knew how to accomplish earlier in their careers.

Each of the five topics features insightful sessions with some of the brightest business minds in health and wellness coaching. The Symposium Programme is designed to take you on an in-depth journey through various startup milestones – from creating a high impact launch plan to selecting your niche to positioning your coaching packages, to finding your first paying clients – we’ve got you covered!

Symposium Proceedings

Watch All 18 Session Summaries,

symposium speakers

Meet Your Host and Organizer

Di-Di “The Propagator” Hoffman is the founder and principal of The Herb Academy, a well known South African herbalist training school. He is also the host of the BadassPreneurs Business School Podcast.

Being an entrepreneur and change agent (business strategist) at heart Di-Di loves helping wellness entrepreneurs make our world a healthier and better place for everyone.

Di-Di is on a mission to seed as many new holistic health coaching businesses as he possibly can.

🦸‍♂️ He is a specialist Badass Launch Blueprint Designer. His superpower is helping health and wellness coaches and practitioners turn their passion into a brilliant launch blueprint that can take them from here to the future - and make a bundle of money on the way.

how to plan a coaching program launch

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